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It's Your Value System, Creativity & Desire to Move Forward That We're Interested In.

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What Makes Us Exceptional


We always want to move fwd. Always want to discover the better way. The smarter way.


Our focus is on our business, it's people, growth targets and it's safety.


We dislike mediocrity and are not comfortable with comfort or status quo zones.


Resolutely committed to each other, to our business and to our clients.

A few words from us...

Achieving academic qualifications are important, are something to be proud off and are an absolute career advantage.

However in our experience, they're not the be all and end all.
We hold experience, emotional intelligence and a strong desire to professionally improve as fundamental traits that we are most interested in.

People make a business and we make people our number one business priority.

Open Positions

Please apply by submitting a covering letter, along with your most recently updated CV to: info@weareexception.com

Senior Digital Designer

Digital Project Manager

Social Media Creative

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