What's the craic?

Lee and Emmett started this podcast so they could share thier experiences of running several 7 and 8-figure businesses while, in lee’s case, living with his mates – Autism, Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder.

WHAT’S CRITICAL is that this podcast provides a platform for OTHER PEOPLE to share their own life experiences, their unique perspectives and the professional and personal life lessons they’ve learned along the way.

The whole point of this podcast is for people to help other people.

What’s discussed is generally focused on two areas – Professional stuff and Personal stuff.

Some stuff that we like to talk about

Professional Stuff – Some of the questions we look to answer…

Personal Stuff – Some of the questions we look to answer…

A message from the Host - Lee O'Carroll

You don't want to be in my head...or do you?

I’ve never been uncomfortable, ashamed or embarrassed about what goes on in my head. Diagnosed with autism at the age of 43, I’ve certainly lived with a fair amount of confusion and contradiction in my head before the diagnosis came along.

Depression is a good friend of mine and I occasionally still bump into my old pal social anxiety once in a while…although it’s been a while.

I now accept that I’m not always going to be everyone’s cuppa of tea. 

More About Me

Why does everyone talk so much chit-chat and small talk? Isn’t it just pointless and exhausting for them?

Why can’t people just see what is the obvious core problem and fix it instead of going around in circles and just talking things to death?

Why do most people appear to like the sound of their voice or have a need to showboat and boast?

Why do office and career politics exist?

Why can’t people just tell the truth and just get on with each other?

Why are people so offended by listening to an honest answer?

How can we live in a world where people all around us are sleeping rough, cold and hungry? Why is the world always at war?

That kid at the table opposite banging his beaker in Starbucks will get it any minute if they don’t stop – useless parents…Don’t they understand it sounds like a Metallica concert – why can’t they see how bloody annoying it is and stop that banging…

God, it’s draining, I just need to get some sleep, if only.


But for me, there is a flip side to being autistic. 

I get to see things clearly and usually faster than most other people. My unambiguous communication skills have proved to be hugely effective in leadership. 

My mental alertness is ultra-sharp, identifying obstacles and A2Zing projects and tasks with relevant ease, irrespective of scale.

My long-term memory is remarkable. I am a right-sided thinker,  full of abstract thinking and problem-solving.  Creative conceptualisation comes easily.

I am very direct,  honest and open with a willingness to help others that is as instinctive as blinking.

The only point of this podcast
is to help other people.

Do you want to share your experiences so that others can learn from you?

Do you want pay forward your life lessons so that others can benefit?

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